Stories connect people. They help break down suspicion and build understanding. Until we know each other’s stories we can never fully trust each other. What’s your story?







Go beyond the #hashtag with the power of story

Making your voice heard online is good. Making a difference offline is better. Stories shape the way we see the world.






I hated being the dark one

Growing up with a dark complexion caused a lot of teasing and pain for Zama. She shares her story of overcoming discrimination and discovering her beauty..



Depression made me feel weak

Depression made me feel weak

For many people who battle depression, suicidal thoughts are a part of daily life. When Anela’s depression became more sever, she thought that suicide was the only option. She recounts the story of how it brought her to a halt, and how, eventually, she survived.

You have to move on

Telling your story of forgiveness can help you gain freedom and move on with your life – even when the tragedy you have faced is too huge for words. Brenda Heinrich recounts the story of her family’s murder.

Why can’t it finally be fair?

Three black South African youths – Mzamo, Lebogang and Neliswa – discuss what their experiences of race, racism and micro-agressions in the democratic South Africa have been.

I was abandoned at birth

I was abandoned at birth

From the time he was abandoned at birth, to the time he eventually found his family, Innocent has struggled with belonging and identity. His story of finding home was a complicated and tough journey. But after crashing – he got back up.

I made the right choice

I made the right choice

When her stepfather and mother got a divorce, Daniella’s life nearly fell apart. It affected her health, and all of a sudden, she had to fend for herself.

Never imagined myself embracing adulting

Never imagined myself embracing adulting

By using the skills she learned in the corporate world, Koinonia Baloyi found a way to live out her passion for community development and begin something that is not only changing her community, but her too, for the better.

I hope to invest in myself

Thabo Mashapa has had to fight to get an education, and although he has not received a ‘conventional’ education, he is gaining knowledge in other valuable ways.