About us

Imagine a South Africa where words like racism, prejudice and xenophobia are found more in the dictionary or history books, than in schools, sports clubs or on social media …

Imagine a South Africa where, instead of creating more negative stereotypes about others, we start getting to know each other better by sharing our stories …

Join the storytelling revolution

At Heartlines, the Centre for Values Promotion, we believe unashamedly that personal storytelling can build understanding and help break down the tensions threatening to tear apart our beautiful country. We believe that getting to know each other better is the starting point to working better together, ultimately leading to greater trust that goes beyond our differences.

We know it will not be easy, and that we have decades – even centuries – of painful memories and actions that have separated us from each other. We also know that storytelling is just the beginning, that calculated action and radical ways of fixing things are urgently needed. We also know that not everyone has fixing things on their agenda.

But if not us, then whom? If not now, then when?

That’s our story. Will you join the storytelling revolution?