"An enemy is one whose story we have not heard."

Gene Knudsen Hoffman, international peacemaker


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I hope to invest in myself

Thabo Mashapa has had to fight to get an education, and although he has not received a ‘conventional’ education, he is gaining knowledge in other valuable ways.

Continuing her father’s legacy

Mokgadi started beekeeping almost by accident – she used to get some honey from her father’s supply until one day he said to her, “You’re finishing my supply. I’m not working for you.”

She got a few beehives to harvest her own supply on her father’s farm. Being a Black woman in a white male dominated industry has not been easy, but Mokgadi is determined to make it work.

My mother made it look easy

Many of us grow up thinking our mothers are supermoms, but it’s only when you become a parent yourself that you begin to really understand the sacrifices that make mothers real-life heroes.