May 13, 2016


“… the experience of hearing each other’s autobiographies was the most magical and transforming experience. For myths explode and stereotypes shatter. Humanity shines through. Mercy and compassion are born along the desire to reach out and accommodate.”

This excerpt from Dr Michael Cassidy’s book A Witness Forever refers to meetings with leaders from different (often opposing) political parties facilitated by himself, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Bishop Mmuthlanyane Mogoba during the tense years leading up to 1994.

The power of sharing stories, praying together and working together across denominations played a huge role in the peaceful transition from apartheid to democracy in our country. Today, the Church remains a crucial role-player in bringing a much-needed message of reconciliation in our nation.

What’s your Story? for churches and Christian groups comprises a storytelling toolkit to build understanding and trust within and beyond the Church.

The toolkit includes:
  • A Biblical perspective on the power of personal storytelling
  • Guidelines for effective, transformative storytelling
  • Once-off ideas for storytelling in your church or youth group
  • Long-term ideas to make storytelling a regular part of your church, youth or Bible-study group
  • A 5-session Bible study on Biblical values for storytelling
  • Ideas for taking storytelling beyond your church

To get your church, youth group or organisation involved in What’s your Story? for churches, email or call 011 771 2540.