"It's hard to hate anyone whose story you know."

Roslyn Bresnick-Perry, author


Stories help us break down mistrust and stereotypes. Watch these videos and start a love-story revolution.

The Story of Preston Jongbloed

“We make everything in our lives an excuse not to succeed.”

What happens when the dream you have as a child doesn’t come to pass? Or when the people around you don’t believe that good things could happen to “people like us”?
As a young boy growing up in Heideveld on the Cape Flats, Preston Jongbloed dreamed about becoming a professional football player and flying on a plane.
But just as the dream began to come true, disappointment set in.
He shares his story of not letting your upbringing or background stand in the way of your success.

A lot of people can’t relate to how apartheid affected Coloured people

“Too light to be black and too dark to be white.” A sentiment shared by many Coloured people, including René Moses.

Growing up under the apartheid regime, René recalls how her own family was almost torn apart because of different skin tones.
She shares her story on how storytelling can impact our nation and break down stereotypes.

Arlene’s triumph over tragedy

Arlene August tragically lost both parents as a teenager – a loss that impacted her even more after she got married.

Sharing her story with her husband taught her acceptance, and gave her hope. This is their story.

Black Twitter found my father in 24hours

Sara-Jayne King tells us about how her mother gave her up for adoption in England and upon her return to South Africa, told everyone she was dead. She also tells us how Black Twitter helped her find her biological father in twenty-four hours.

I was born into it

From the moment he was born, Judge Albie Sachs’ path as a revolutionary was set. He was named after Albert Nzula, an activist and writer.