"It's hard to hate anyone whose story you know."

Roslyn Bresnick-Perry, author


Stories help us break down mistrust and stereotypes. Watch these videos and start a love-story revolution.

I could have been trafficked that day

A narrow escape from being trafficked twenty-four years ago changed Blessing’s life forever. As an anti-human trafficking activist, she is now directly involved in making sure other girls and women are able to return to their homes safely.

I did not think of it as prostitution

Growing up, Hilda’s family struggled financially, but when she fell pregnant in high school, things became harder. After dropping out of school, she decided to become a sex worker to provide for her family.

They called me the little bastard

Blackie’s identity has been questioned from the moment he was born. He was born to white parents in apartheid South Africa, but he appeared coloured. The appearance of his skin made him a target for ridicule and cruelty for years, even from his own father, who questioned his paternity. Here is a snippet from his story.

One Can Be Free and Still Be A Slave

Moss Ntlha reflects on life as an unfree person under the oppressive system of apartheid.
He also offers encouragement for how to live fully as a free person under a democratic SA.

I Took His Shame and Made It My Identity

Connie’s life has been a rollercoaster from an early age. The sexual abuse she endured during the time her family lived in a squatter camp was the beginning of a tough road that would include anorexia, drugs, abuse, infidelity, prostitution and her daughter’s suicide. Against all odds, Connie triumphed.